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The Lubbock Small Business Blog is always looking for people to share their knowledge and insight with the Lubbock business community. We have worked very hard to develop a platform for business people, entrepreneurs, executives, and more, to share their ideas and connect with other businesses. By writing for the Lubbock Small Business Blog you will: introduce your business to a new audience, become known as an expert in your field, and send valuable back-links to your website. The Lubbock Small Business Blog is designed to help Lubbock business’ grow–together.

We welcome students and interns to grow their resume, and develop their personal brand by writing for the Lubbock Small Business Blog.

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While the average high school graduate may view college as the imminent next step, those in their mid-20s will have a write essay greater tendency to view the college campus as a safe harbor during a tempest of economic misfortune