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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Small Business Website

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It is that time of the year again: time to clean out our attics, file our taxes, and set our clocks an hour forward–yes I am talking about spring. While taking care of these other activities is a good idea, now may also be a good time to “spring clean” your small business website.

Here are some ways you can refresh your website to help protect and grow your business:

1. Make sure the copyright date in your footer is current

Nothing makes a website appear more outdated and obsolete than a date that is several years old. If you haven’t already, take the few minutes to roll the date over to 2015. Talk with your lawyer about the proper form, but make sure the date includes the current year (assuming you have published new content this year!).

2. Update Content

Does your website content accurately explain what your company is all about? It is always a good idea to keep your content as up to date as possible, but if you have not reviewed it lately, make sure that the services on your website are still correct.

3. Publish new content

Not only is this a good idea for SEO purposes, it is also to your advantage to let your customers know as much as possible about your businesses or industry. Doing so gives them valuable information that can be hard to find elsewhere, and it also confirms that you are an “expert” in your field. Think about the last time you updated your blog and try to write about developments within your company. Better yet, write an article about common topics that your customers are interested in.

4. Check for errors

Errors are often one of the most overlooked problems on a small business website. Approach your website as a potential customer would and make sure your site is still complete and maintains its functionality. Are there any links that are not working properly? Are the pictures on your website still displaying correctly?

5. Bring your website up to speed

More and more potential customers access the internet on a mobile device–how is your website displaying? Chances are if your website has not undergone a re-design in the last couple of years, it is out of date. Consider investing in a responsive website design, or a dedicated mobile site. This will ensure that your website is correctly displayed on all mobile devices and tablets, and that you are presenting your business effectively to all of your potential customers.


Follow these five tips to help improve the effectiveness of your online marketing.


Happy cleaning!


source: Shout Web Design


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