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4 Essential tools for your Lubbock Business

As a business owners, our job is to maximize the value for the time spent working on our business. Here are four great apps and tools that we love that can save you time and money:


Toggl is a simple to use time tracking application, which can be used from your browser, computer, or smartphone. The application offers paid and free subscriptions, and is capable of organizing tasks, marking tasks billable, reporting and quantifying tasks over time. It can also be integrated with many other applications. It is an excellent tool for seeing where you and your employees work week is going. It is also a great way to track how much time you are spending with clients and customers.


FreshBooks cloud accounting is designed to “take the pain out of invoicing”. Though FreshBooks advertises itself as a cloud-based accounting solution; it is probably better described as a polished, automated invoicing system, with a few accounting features. Nevertheless, we enjoy the software for its ease of use, straightforward pricing, and vast integration options. Specific features include: a dashboard overview, estimates, time tracking (almost as good as Toggl!), auto billing, client statements, reports, projects sorting, client portals, document sharing, client reminders, auto-invoicing, and now recurring automatic-payments. The application is easy to share with your accountant, and customers tend to love the interface.

Hoot Suite

Social media probably plays some role in your Lubbock Business’ marketing strategy. If not, here is why you should be considering it. Hootsuite is a third party application that allows you to schedule posts on a variety of social sites, like: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare and more. You can write, send, and schedule posts from one simple interface across multiple accounts. This is a huge time saver that allows you to update several profiles simultaneously, but also schedule your posts for optimal delivery times. You can also add team members, as well as monitor analytics and performance through the web based app.


MailChimp is our favorite email marketing service for the money. The program offers a generous free plan that is a great way for Lubbock business owners to stay in contact with customers or reach new leads. Additionally the analytical tools, and strong technology makes it a great asset for many small business owners, nonprofits, and more. Under the “Forever Free Plan” you are able to send 12,000 emails per month with no contract or credit card required. The program’s analytical tracing includes: interactive graphs, extensive reporting, and allows for integration with Google Analytics for additional insight on how much revenue your campaign is creating. If email marketing isn’t already part of your plan, MailChimp can help you leverage this great marketing tool.

As a Lubbock business, we are always looking for tools to streamline our processes, and make them more efficient. We have chosen these resources as they are a great fit for any size operation. As your Lubbock business grows, you can upgrade to paid accounts that will bring you more value, but you can get started with all of these resources at no charge!

What are some of your favorite business tools?


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